new IN SCHOOL 7″ + G.L.O.S.S. ‘Trans Day of Revenge’ pre-order

hey there! hope yr well. a few exciting updates to report:

inschool-cementfuckercopies of the new IN SCHOOL 7″ – Cement Fucker – out on San Francisco’s Thrilling Living Records are on their way to me. $5 usd/cad + shipping. ill only have 10 of ’em so reserve yours now!







and on that note, i will be taking pre-orders as of monday, june 13th for the forthcoming G.L.O.S.S. Trans Day of Revenge 7″ – out soon on Nervous Nelly Records / Total Negativity. PANSY TWIST is the (only) Canadian distributor of this record and duh, they will go fast. don’t sleep!



it doesn’t get dark until almost 11pm now. glorious summer is finally upon us up here in edmonton! my new (first!) band, million volts is playing our first show in two weeks! till next time, rockers xo.